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Jul 26

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Harbor View is the quintessential neighborhood in Newport Beach with classic Bungalow style two story homes located in the heart of central Newport Beach.  The homes seem to almost be taken out of a movie set and have some of the best curb appeal for homes you will find in Newport Beach.  For the most part, homes in the Harbor View area will not have much of an ocean view due to it's flat topography.   For those homes set high enough on the ridge views of the ocean can be seen.  If you are looking to buy in this neighborhood expect to find homes priced at least $1.7 million and up.  The larger cottage style homes are much more expensive and often range in the mid $2 million to low $3 million range.

Harbor View Ocean View Homes For Sale in Newport Beach, CA

One thing to keep in mind is that homes in this

Jul 19

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Lido Island is one of the largest islands in Newport Beach than spans a long stretch of land in the middle of the Newport Bay.  Situated on this island is approximately 30 streets that occupy hundreds of homes.  Only a small handful of these homes though will be located on the bay front and perimter of the island.  The perimter streets are known as Via Lido Soud and Via Lido Nord respectively. 

When looking for a bay front residence in Newport Beach it's all about the size of the boat dock and how large of a boat that can be parked in front of the home.  Homes that can accomdate large boats and yachts are more desirable and often more expensive.  When makes this island unique is being in the middle of the bay but still offering easy access to the