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We showcase all Dover Shores Newport Beach homes for sale in Newport Beach, California. Dover Shores is a family friendly community with Back Bay & City Light Views.

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May 21

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Newport Beach is one of the largest beach towns in Orange County, California and there is a wide range of architectural style homes that can be found here.  The Mid-Century architectural style is very popular in various cities in Orange County but can be hard to find in the Newport Beach area.  There are a few select areas where these homes can be found that offer the simplistic design that was very common in the 1950's and 1960's.  The floor plans tend to incorporate the outdoor spaces into actual living quarters as pictured below.  Homes tend to feel larger when this is put into practice and takes advantage of a lot more living square footage.

One of the best places to find these homes is in the Dover Shores Community.  Dover Shores is located just

May 14

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The Westcliff and Dover Shores community share the same common area in the West Bay area of Newport Beach, California.  The majority of the homes in this area date back to the early 1950's when they were built as vacation beach bungalow style properties.  Many of these original homes still exist but the area has seen a huge surge in new construction as this is considered one of the most popular neighborhoods north of the Back Bay.  What makes this area unique is the individual charm of custom homes that can be found here.  This is not a track community where all the homes look the same but each has it's own unique architectural charm.  Dover Shores area occupies the land closest to the Newport Bay and is where you will find multi-million dollar water

Apr 30

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The Dover Shores community in Newport Beach is beautiful neighborhood that is filled with very elegant homes.  One of the reasons that many love this area is due to the various architectural styles that can be found here.  It's not uncommon to see large Mediterranean style homes mixed together with Cape Cod and Bungalow inspired houses.  One of the most captivating designed homes in the Contemporary architectural style.  Since the Dover Shores area sits next to the Back Bay, many have incorporated houses to take advantage of these great views.  Many have turned theses homes that were built in the 1960's in the mid-century design into beautiful Contemporary homes.  Some of the core elements found in a couple of the Contemporary homes currently on the

Aug 9

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Dover Shores is considered one of the top communities in Newport Beach when looking for a water view home.  The community is located adajcent to the Upper Newport Bay area that is commonly referred to as the "Back Bay."  Water View homes can be truly spectacular and offer large boat docks for private yachts and boats.  The home in this community normally start in the $2 million range with water view homes going as high as $2.8 million dollars.  There are various types of water views in this area.  Homes located on the east side of the community will have water views of the back bay as pictured below.  Over time the water levels in the back bay area have gone down so it's much different that other water views you will find closer to the ocean.

Dover Shores Back Bay Water Views in Newport Beach, CA

As you

Jan 31

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January has come to an end and the market has been very active in Newport Beach, California.  The majority of homes sales in Jan 2013 were between the $1,000,000 to $2,500,000 price point in Newport Beach.  The highest grossing sale was a four bedroom, 2,345 square foot ocean front home that sold for $3,350,000.  We have been reporting for some time now that some of the best oceanfront deals are to be found in Newport Beach as similar homes in neighboring towns like Laguna Beach and Dana Point have beachfront homes at much higher price points.  The lowest sale in Jan 2013 in Newport Beach was a probate sale in the Versailles condo building where a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo sold for $275,000.  Versailles is a small complex where you can find condos under the

Jan 17

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The Newport Beach Real Estate market saw a number of record sales in 2012 with 10 banner sales over the $10 million dollar price point.  Newport Beach is widely known as the most expensive real estate market in the country and the luxury real estate market is very much alive and increasing.  The most expensive home sold was the luxury estate called "One Pelican Hill Road."  The home is located in the Pelican Hill area of Newport Beach and situated on one of the largest lots in the area.  The property was sold in it's current state where construction was in the final stages.  Upon completion of the home, the property would featured a 17 car garage, lush landscaping, multiple terraces, a private lake, tennis court, vineyards, wine cave, horse stable and

Aug 1

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For those who love the outdoors and sailing their is no better place to live in Orange County than Newport Beach!  As one of the top sailing hot spots, Newport Beach has no shortage of water front properties.  In fact, you will find more water front communities in Newport Beach than any other beach town in Southern California.  Due to the high concentration of these bay front homes, home buyers are often seeking properties that have boat slips included with the sale.  Boat slips can vary in size depending on the size of the property and it's location. 

The very upper end of the marketplace will often have multiple boat slips included with the sale of the property.  Communities like Harbor Island, for example will have homes listed well above $10 million

Jun 21

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Bay Front properties are plentiful in Newport Beach especially if you have a budget up to $5 Million dollars.   Locating the right community will be the key with this many choices.  One of the more popular places to buy bay front homes in a gated community is the Linda Isle community.  Linda Isle has a wide range of bay front properties as the main street in the community is in a "u" shape that wraps around the bay.  Half of the homes will be on the interior of this u shape with direct water access out to the Bay and Pacific Ocean.  Linda Isle also has bay front properties on the inside channel that face Pacific Coast Highway and Harbor Island Drive.  Prices in Linda Isle will range from $2.5 to $24 million dollars with all homes having direct bay front

Mar 28

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As the market continues to change in Newport Beach one thing is true that the deals are becoming harder to find as the bottom of the real estate market has passed us.  Local media outlets have reported that the Newport Beach Real Estate market is now on an upswing which is causing many home buyers who were on the fence to get out and start looking at properties.  Interest Mortgage rates are still low making this the perfect storm for locating a home.  Currently, the inventory of homes is at a very low point making it even more difficult to find the "good deals."  When looking for well priced homes we always recommend distressed properties.  In the last several years the common thread for most home buyers is finding the nicest home for the lowest price. 

Mar 14

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Newport Beach home prices have really come down especially when looking at beachfront homes.  Long gone are the days when beachfront and ocean front homes were selling for well above $5 million dollars.  With today's economy finding an oceanfront home in Newport Beach under $5 million has become a lot easier to find.  Currently, there are 21 beach front homes for sale under this price point with a great selection of architectural gems on the market.  We got inspired when we saw a price reduction on this beachfront home located on the Balboa Peninsula that really captures the lifestyle of living on the beach.  We find that a lot of beach front buyers have a lot of choices now when considering a home.  There are various homes located on the sand up and down