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We showcase all Harbor Island Newport Beach homes for sale in Newport Beach, California.  Harbor Island is amongst the most expensive communities in Newport Beach with all homes having bayfront views.

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Apr 22

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One of the recent occurrences that has happened in the last year due to the COVID vaccine in the trend for more homes to have private gyms.  This started soon after the stay at home order that occurred in April 2020 when many were forced to stay inside their homes and not be able to visit their local gym.  This lead to a large number of homeowners buying some kind of gym equipment to help them stay in shape.  The pandemic has resulted in more families having a dedicated space in their home or garage for some kind of gym or fitness area.  Of course, some of the more expensive and large estate homes have always had this feature inside their homes as it's a big selling item when they go to sell.

Many of the lower priced homes featured here having a bonus

Feb 25

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One of the benefits of being a real estate agent is getting exclusive viewings of the latest homes and condos to come on the market in Newport Beach.  Not all properties are but on this caravan open house but the large majority of brand new listings like to get this added exposure to qualified agents who may have clients looking for a particular type of property.  Broker Preview in Newport Beach happens every Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm and often includes refreshments of food and drinks to entice the agents to come to their listing.

What do you need to do to get your home on the broker preview list?  First, the home must be added into the multiple listing service which instantly gains you exposure over the Internet and all of the real estate website

Dec 9

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2016 has been a record year with over 862 homes sold to date with still another 21 days until the end of the year.  Every year we make the tradition of looking at the top 3 Sales that occurred in Newport Beach for 2016.  Every year the properties and neighborhoods change but always consistently see sales up to the $20 million dollar price point.  This year the top three sales occurred in the Linda Isle gated community, Harbor Island gated community and Lido Isle.  Here is quick run down of these top real estate sales.  The first sale occurred at 86 Linda Isle, Newport Beach.  The property sold for $20,000,000 and closed escrow on 10/19/2016.  It was originally marketed at $24,995,000 and was on the market for a short 140 days.  Located in the Linda Isle

Dec 24

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The most expensive homes sold in 2015 in Newport Beach all sold for more than $10 million dollars and were some of the most beautiful water front properties in the city. The homes were located in the Balboa Peninsula Point, Harbor Island and Lido Island communities which are all premier bay front neighborhoods.  Here is the current list of the top three Newport Beach homes sold in 2015.

2210 Channel Road, Newport Beach sold for $12,545,000 on 9/11/2015.  Located on the Baloba Peninsula Point this six bedroom, 6,880 square foot water front home sat on an ideal location in the Newport Bay with wonderful water views.  The home featured 127 feet of water footage which was compared to three buildable lots in Newport Beach.  The estate was newly built in

Feb 26

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The Bayshores community is located on the north side of the channel as Pacific Coast Highway crosses over the Newport Bay.  Within this gated community is approximately 249 homes with a small percentage of 14 homes that are actually located directly on the bay front.  These water front homes are simply stunning and can have views of the neighboring communities of Linda Isle, Harbor Island and Lido Island which are also surrounded by the Newport Bay.  During the annual Newport Beach Boat Parade these homes have one of the best vantage points for watching the boats come and down the channel.

In the last year there has been 4 water front homes that have come on the market and have ranged in price from $4,885,000 to $10,995,000.  A large majority of these

Jan 1

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As we enter into the first day of 2015 it's important to look at the previous year sales.  In 2014, Newport Beach was home to some iconic home sales with 5 homes selling over the $10 million dollar price point and a total of 857 sales for the entire year.  One of the biggest sales was the legendary 12 Bay Island home located at the tip of Bay Island which sold for a record $17,225,000 on 11/26/2014.  The home had been on the market for over a year and was originally priced at $21,900,000.  For those who have been in the Newport Harbor this is the single most impressive property that occupies the entire tip of the island which is home to only 12 homes.  The estate featured five bedrooms, five baths with 5,415 square feet of living space according to the

Sep 4

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Collins Island is a very small island in the Newport Harbor consisting of only 8 residential homes that all have water front view.  Situated at the very tip of Balboa Island sits a small remote island that is separated by a small bridge as pictured below. This is a gated community with a small manual gate that only allows cars that are authorized to come into the community even though it is accessible to those via foot.  The views from these homes is truly spectacular with views of Harbor Island to the north, Bay Island to the west and Beacon Bay to the east.

Collins Island Community in Newport Beach, California

This is considered on the best locations off the Balboa Island with all homes offering boat docks for various size yachts.  Currently, 5 Collins is currently for sale for $7,850,000 and offers…
Jun 26

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The Promontory Bay community offers direct water front homes with private boat docks that can accommodate large yachts and smaller size Duffy's.  Situated in the Newport Bay, the homes in this area are located on the opposite side of the bay from Beacon Bay and the Basin Marine were many yachts are parked here.  This is a very small neighborhood with a total of 61 homes that all have water front locations.  45 of these homes face towards the main part of Newport Beach and have views of the Promontory Point condo buildings while 16 of the homes are located on Bayside Drive and looks towards the homes situated on Harbor Island Drive. 

This is an exclusive area with water front homes often priced in the four to ten million dollar range.  Promontory Bay

Jan 31

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Harbor Island is a unique place and home to only 30 properties that occupies two sides of the Newport Bay.  Homes located on the interior part of the bay have nice water views and come with attached boat docks as pictured below.  The Island is comprised of just one single street that end at a cul-de-sac with every single home sitting directly on the water.  As you drive down the street homes on the right hand side will have the interior views of the bay and homes on the left hand side will have more panoramic views of the Newport Bay.  Homes located at the very end of the cul-de-sac and the tip of Harbor Island have the most sensational 180 degree views of the Bay.

Harbor Island Home with a Boat Dock in Newport Beach, CA

Since only 30 homes occupy this only it's rare that more than one property is

May 5

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It was only a month ago we reported a new listing in the Harbor Island bay front community that hit the market for $17,500,000.  The home at 27 Harbor Island, Newport Beach has already sold and closed for $16,500,000, the highest recorded sales price paid square foot for all of Newport Beach in the last 5 years.  The home was located on the bay front in the gated community of Harbor Island and located on a 8,340 square foot lot that accommodates 2 boats up to 50 feet in length.  The home featured a large entertainment backyard area that was oriented towards the Pacific Ocean with great sunset views.Harbor Island Newport Beach | 27 Harbor Island, Newport Beach

The Newport Beach Real Estate market is in full swing with properties priced correctly selling in a very short period of time.  In the month of April there