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We specialize in Villa Balboa Newport Beach condos in Newport Beach, California.  Villa Balboa is a great place to find a condo near the beach with potential Newport Bay and Ocean Views!

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Apr 29

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We work with a lot of first time home buyers who are always trying to figure out the best places to live in Newport Beach. Real Estate prices in  Newport Beach have gone up so much in the last several years that it's been really hard for those buying a home for the first time.  We still have seen some really good investments that have come on the market this year so it's still not impossible to find a good starter home.  There are some of the places we recommend looking when first starting to think about buying a home.  We always recommend starting with what your budget will allow and then work your way up.  If that means starting with a smaller condo then that typically is the best way to go.

One of the best places we love in the Newport Beach area

Apr 22

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One of the recent occurrences that has happened in the last year due to the COVID vaccine in the trend for more homes to have private gyms.  This started soon after the stay at home order that occurred in April 2020 when many were forced to stay inside their homes and not be able to visit their local gym.  This lead to a large number of homeowners buying some kind of gym equipment to help them stay in shape.  The pandemic has resulted in more families having a dedicated space in their home or garage for some kind of gym or fitness area.  Of course, some of the more expensive and large estate homes have always had this feature inside their homes as it's a big selling item when they go to sell.

Many of the lower priced homes featured here having a bonus

Feb 25

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One of the benefits of being a real estate agent is getting exclusive viewings of the latest homes and condos to come on the market in Newport Beach.  Not all properties are but on this caravan open house but the large majority of brand new listings like to get this added exposure to qualified agents who may have clients looking for a particular type of property.  Broker Preview in Newport Beach happens every Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm and often includes refreshments of food and drinks to entice the agents to come to their listing.

What do you need to do to get your home on the broker preview list?  First, the home must be added into the multiple listing service which instantly gains you exposure over the Internet and all of the real estate website

Jun 12

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The Villa Balboa is a great place to find an ocean view condo in the heart of the Newport Beach area.  This complex is very large with a total of approximately 60 units.  The building itself has many angels and offers a wide variety of views that include the Newport Bay, Ocean and Catalina Island.  The large majority of condos in this complex do offer some kind of a view with ocean view condo prices currently starting at just over $400,000 for a simple one bedroom unit that cover just a little over 1,100 square feet.  Luxury condos like the one pictured below will have a more panoramic view of the ocean and city lights and will normally command a premium in price.  Expect these large units to be priced anywhere from the mid $700,000 to well over $1

Jan 31

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January has come to an end and the market has been very active in Newport Beach, California.  The majority of homes sales in Jan 2013 were between the $1,000,000 to $2,500,000 price point in Newport Beach.  The highest grossing sale was a four bedroom, 2,345 square foot ocean front home that sold for $3,350,000.  We have been reporting for some time now that some of the best oceanfront deals are to be found in Newport Beach as similar homes in neighboring towns like Laguna Beach and Dana Point have beachfront homes at much higher price points.  The lowest sale in Jan 2013 in Newport Beach was a probate sale in the Versailles condo building where a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo sold for $275,000.  Versailles is a small complex where you can find condos under the

Jan 17

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The Newport Beach Real Estate market saw a number of record sales in 2012 with 10 banner sales over the $10 million dollar price point.  Newport Beach is widely known as the most expensive real estate market in the country and the luxury real estate market is very much alive and increasing.  The most expensive home sold was the luxury estate called "One Pelican Hill Road."  The home is located in the Pelican Hill area of Newport Beach and situated on one of the largest lots in the area.  The property was sold in it's current state where construction was in the final stages.  Upon completion of the home, the property would featured a 17 car garage, lush landscaping, multiple terraces, a private lake, tennis court, vineyards, wine cave, horse stable and

Jun 13

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Newport Beach is home to many condos in all different price ranges.  If you are looking for a smaller condo for a primary residence or vacation rental then finding a beach close condo under the $400,000 price range can be tough in today's real estate market.  One of the places we love to show condo buyers is the Villa Balboa condo community.  The condos here usually will start just under the $400,000 and expect to find a one to two bedroom condo in this price range.  The Villa Balboa has one of the best locations and is perched at the very top of the hill that overlooks the Newport Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  There is a walking trail that goes around the perimeter of the building that is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts who like to take in the

Apr 18

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One of our more popular searches from buyers looking to get into the Newport Beach Real Estate market is for homes and condos under the $500,000 price point.  In Newport Beach it's very difficult to find a single family home under $500,000 so most buyers elect for condos and town homes.  One of the better condo buildings in Newport Beach to find a quality condo in the heart of the Dover Shores area is the Dover Village condo community.  Besides the ideal location near the water and the beach, Dover Village offers two levels of town home living with living quarters on the first level and bedrooms located on the upper level.  All Dover Village condos come with two bedrooms and two baths with a two car garage.  The community features a community pool and spa

Mar 28

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As the market continues to change in Newport Beach one thing is true that the deals are becoming harder to find as the bottom of the real estate market has passed us.  Local media outlets have reported that the Newport Beach Real Estate market is now on an upswing which is causing many home buyers who were on the fence to get out and start looking at properties.  Interest Mortgage rates are still low making this the perfect storm for locating a home.  Currently, the inventory of homes is at a very low point making it even more difficult to find the "good deals."  When looking for well priced homes we always recommend distressed properties.  In the last several years the common thread for most home buyers is finding the nicest home for the lowest price. 

Mar 21

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The Newport Beach Real Estate market is definitely picking up as recent reports in the OC Register indicate a spike in the number of buyers making offers on property.  A perfect example of this is an ocean view condo in the Newport Heights area that I was showing over the weekend.  The condo was located in the Versailles gated community, which is located just a couple blocks to the pacific ocean and the sandy beach.  The condo was located on the penthouse level with two large bedrooms and great ocean views from the living room and master bedroom.  Being bank owned and priced very low at $275,000, the condo accepted an offer with only being on the market for 8 short days.  If you are in the market to buy property in Newport Beach keep in mind other buyers